What we Do

The Democracy Lab advances community-engaged research, teaching, and practice focused on broad multiscalar [political] participation and social justice.

The lab supports research collaboration and outwardly facing programming, and offers a collaborative media practice lab, podcasting studio, and networked meeting room for participating faculty, grad and undergrad researchers [in and beyond the department]. The Lab builds on the interdisciplinary strengths of our department and reflects both the interests and expertise of faculty working and teaching across a wide range of areas, including (but not limited to) populism and politics, design and media production; journalism studies and comparative media systems; law and technology; geography, cartography, and governance; youth disenfranchisement and empowerment.


Democracy Lab is a space that facilitates media-making experimentation in advanced undergraduate production courses as well as in media-oriented graduate research.


Democracy Lab funds emerging research projects and the prototyping of ideas that explore dimensions of community-engaged, media-based, or teaching-focused research.


Democracy Lab creates opportunities for conversations, collaborations, and events that bring people together with the goal of imagining democratic possibilities.