Project Funding

The Democracy Lab co-sponsors speakers and funds an annual grant cycle.

Funding supports ideas within the UCSD Department of Communication that address Democracy Lab’s focus in one or more of the following ways:

  • Production of media, technologies, art, exhibits, or installations that address historical and/or lived conditions, power relations, and/or inequalities of race, gender, age, linguistic, environmental, geographical and/or ethnic affiliation; preference will be given to projects that engage with grassroots organizing efforts and that prioritize community collaborations;

  • Exploring, critiquing, and proposing ideas, practices, and relations associated with democracy, broadly conceived;

  • Centering engagement and collaboration with local communities and that address how members of these communities develop a sense of collective continuance or work to shape, change, or contest their current circumstances;

  • Teaching or planning courses, teach-ins, and other pedagogical practices that engage students and community members in critical thinking about existing institutional practices and collective struggles and/or in envisioning more just futures